Archery Mental Mastery – review

Revisão do Livro Archery Mental Mastery.

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by Adam Cowming about Archery Mental Mastery, an ebook and MP3 program designed, in his words, to:

…contain all the techniques that an archer from a novice level right though to country or Olympic member could use to improve focus, reducing performance anxiety and creating a mind-set of a champion.

He asked me to review his program on this here archery blog with a view to a partnership deal. I spent a couple of weeks working with the material and some of his exercises. I found some of the material useful, but had a lot of issues with many aspects of it – mainly, that it was too general and not archery-specific enough. I sent him back a lengthy critique, and he is considering making changes. I’m not going to break it down in excruciating detail here now – suffice it to say, I…

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Um comentário sobre “Archery Mental Mastery – review

  1. I feel that all the techniques in the book will benefit archers greatly in realising the power of their minds. I work with sports men and women everyday but I also help people with everything from PTSD to confidence in my therapy business. I know what works because everything has been tried and tested in the REAL world. I’m personally happy with the programme and so far people who have bought the programme have been very pleased with the improvement to their archery but also the their lives in general

    So this is not a course in trying to teach archery but just doing mind-set and the more you do the mind-set training the more it will happen naturally. Anyway, if you can see the results you want, have understood the benefits for you perhaps you can get excited about looking into the programme now.

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